Window Open Type Mosquito Net

Aluminium Frame Insect Net

Window Open Type Mosquito Net are modern variants of protecting your homes from mosquitoes and other insects. Instead of using velcro and mosquito net mesh attaching to the windows, in Window Open Type Mosquito Net method as separate window door is built which can be opened inside.  High quality, powder-coated channel bars are used as mosquito net window frames for high durability and life.

✓ Fire Resistant ✓ Durable ✓ Rust Free ✓ Easy Maintenance

The mosquito net window frame and mesh, which can be stainless steel or fiber glass are cut based on the measurement of the windows / doors. The mesh will be ribbed on all the four sides of the frame with a rubber spine to hold the mesh firmly.

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Incase of aluminium / uPVC windows, Wooden beadings will be fixed on four sides and the window frames will be attached on it. Window mosquito nets are available in multi-colors

Outer Frame Width:20mm, Thickness : 9MM
Connector MCB Connector
Hinges (A+B)pvc hinges
Stopper PVC
Handle PVC
Rubber Epdm 2MM Spine
Frame Color Dark Brown,Honey Gold, White
Mesh Used Fiber,Aluminium,SS,Black Coated SS