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Shutters Range

Laminated Veneer Lumber in Chennai

Laminated Veneer Lumber

The Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a strong and cost effective option. Made from engineered wood and polymer coated gives the LVL a wipe clean and maintenance free finish. Five shades of white and cream to choose from. Shaped windows are not available in this style.

Finger Jointed Basswood in Chennai

Finger Jointed Basswood

Crafted from solid basswood, Finger Jointed Basswood is a very competitively priced hardwood and popular material for shutters. All shutter stiles have mortice and tenon joints to prevent warping and ensure prolonged quality and durability. Available in limited shutter styles and five shades of white and cream.

Permawood Shutters in Chennai


This material is 100% Waterproof and extremely hard wearing, making it ideal for bathroom and commercial installations. Our Permawood shutters are manufactured using a hardwood core combined with an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic coating.

BassWood Shutters in Chennai


BassWood is our most versatile hardwood whether painted or stained. These properties have made it a favourite among wood carvers and this is reflected in the fact that it is ideal for special shape shutters and the production of louvers as it holds straight and true.

Cedarwood Shutters in Chennai


Manufactured from the stunning western red cedar tree, CedarWood is by nature incredibly thermal coefficient (keeps heat out in summer and insulates during winter) and dimensionally stable, it resists the natural tendency to crack and its distinct aroma is not only pleasing to humans but acts as a deterrent to insects, moths and other wood pests.

Larchwood Shutters in Chennai


With its beautiful and distinctive grain, our Larch-wood lends itself especially to stained finishes, allowing the natural grain to shine through. A beautiful and stable timber, our Larchwood range is manufactured utilizing the same high quality standards as all of our substrates, creating an affordable, high quality, non finger-jointed shutter with defined features and quality.